Hybrid Plants

Coupling Power generation with thermal and RO desal plants

Hybrid Plants

The combination of power and water generation systems results from a production cost optimisation by the investor. In some countries, this optimisation is difficult to make due to large variation of power demand between summer and winter. Whereas water demand remains steady all year long, power demand may vary from 100% in summer to 30% in winter due to air conditionning systems power consumption.

The following table explains the interest of the hybrid plant:


Case 1

Case 2

Hybrid Plant

Power demand

stable all year long

varies from 0% (winter) to 100% (summer)

from 30% to 100%

Water demand

stable all year long

stable all year long

stable all year long

Optimised desal scenario

100% thermal

100% RO

70% thermal 30% RO

Additional advantages of combining reverse osmosis with thermal desalination plant