Abutaraba - Libya

The 3 units have a total desalination capacity of 40,000 m3/day

Scope of work

Engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of 3 desalination units of 13,333 m3/day each together with: 2 x 1,250 ID x 1,000 m long sea water intake lines, 4 sea water pumps, settling basin, 2 x 30 kg/h electrochlorination systems with 30 t storage capacity, boiler plant consisting of 3 x 80t/h HFO boilers, potabilisation plant, 2 x 20,000 m3 water storage tanks, 2 x 5,000 m3 HFO storage tanks, 1 x 2,500 m3 DO storage tank, emergency generators and ancillary equipment

Contract data

Client: General Electric Company of Libya (GECOL)
Contract awarded on a lump sum turnkey basis

Key dates
Contract signature: Oct-03
Completion of 1st unit: 23 mths from effective date
Completion of 2nd unit: 24 mths from effective date
Completion of 3rd unit: 25 mths from effective date