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Az-Zour North Phase 1: Municipal Desalination Plant of the Year 2017

10/05/2017 -

Sidem has received the GWI Distinction for the Municipal Desalination Plant of the Year 2017 for the AZN1 Plant.

Extract GWI:

"Distinction: Az-Zour North 1, Kuwait

What is it?
A 486,400m³/d multiple effect distillation plant in Kuwait. The first privately owned desalination plant in the country, it forms the water desalination element of the first stage of the Az-Zour North independent power and water project.

Who is involved?

The desalination plant was delivered by EPC contractor Sidem (Veolia) on behalf of the plant’s owner, a consortium comprising Engie (17.5%), Sumitomo (17.5%), A.H. Al-Sagar & Brothers (5%) and the Kuwaiti government (60%). Water is supplied to Kuwait’s Ministry of Energy and Water.

What makes it special?

  • By showcasing the very pinnacle of what MED has to offer, the contractor delivered a massive asset that requires a minimum of handling. Combining low O&M costs with a limited requirement for scaling treatment, the plant allows its owners to push the margins of performance and profitability – a key condition for the country’s pathfinder water PPP.
  • The plant redefines efficiency in thermal desalination. An ultra-low electrical consumption of around 1 kWh/m3 keeps its reliance on external power sources to a minimum. Sidem’s in-house MED expertise allows the plant to use relatively low-pressure steam, freeing up energy and resources at the attached power facility.
  • The location of the plant meant it had to be configured to handle extreme levels of seawater salinity and a wide range of feedwater temperatures ranging from 13°C to 38°C. The delivery of a truly flexible plant of this size is a stunning paean to engineering excellence."

Sadara-Marafiq SWRO: Industrial Desalination Plant of the Year 2017

10/05/2017 -

Sidem has received the GWI Distinction for the Industrial Desalination Plant of the Year 2017 for the Sadara SWRO Plant.

Extract GWI:

"Distinction: Sadara SWRO, Saudi Arabia

What is it?

A 178,000m³/d seawater reverse osmosis plant serving the Sadara Chemical Company’s massive manufacturing facility in the industrial city of Jubail, on the Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia. The facility reached full commercial operation in 2016.

Who is involved?

The plant is owned and operated under a 20-year build-own-operate contract by Marafiq, the power and water utility company for the cities of Jubail and Yanbu. The offtaker for the water is Sadara, the Dow/Aramco joint venture based in Jubail. The plant was built by Veolia, which also supplied the DAF pre-treatment system. UF membranes were supplied by Pentair and RO membranes by Dow. ERI supplied energy recovery systems.

What makes it special?

  • The delivery of the project through a dedicated single-user build-own-operate contract leverages the financial strength of a secure utility to guarantee a supply of high-quality water on a performance-linked basis. The choice of contract structure demonstrates a high degree of confidence in Marafiq as a reliable provider of utility services.
  • The site deploys an array of high-end pre-treatment technologies – dissolved air flotation followed by self-cleaning microfiltration and ultrafiltration stages – to allow the plant to handle large volumes of water from a feedsource at the extreme reaches of salinity and temperature for a desalination plant.
  • The installing of a unique dual-train SWRO-then-BWRO process allows for a water recovery level approaching 50%, while a rotary isobaric pressure exchanger gives a specific power consumption of just 5.1kWh/m³, an impressive achievement for a plant of this scale dealing with hostile feedwater conditions."

Completion of the Sadara 178,800 m3/day SWRO Plant in KSA


The 178,800 m3/day SWRO Plant of the Sadara petrochemical complex in Jubail, KSA is in commercial operation since December 2016.

Completion of the Az-Zour North Phase 1 Thermal Desalination plants


On November 2016 SIDEM has completed successfully the 107 MIGD Thermal desalination plant of the AE-Zour North phase 1 IWPP in Kuwait.

Completion of the Sur Extension 48,000 m3/day SWRO project


SIDEM has completed the extension of the Sur SWRO Plant in Oman. This extension add a capacity of 48,000 m3/day to the existing 84,000 m3/day plant in operation since 2009.

Sidem is awarded the EPC contract of the Basrah SWRO Plant (199,000 m3/day)


SIDEM has been awarded the EPC Contract of the first reverse osmosis plant in Basrah, Iraq. 

Sidem is awarded the EPC of the Oman Sur SWRO Extension (48,000 m3/day)


This extension will add a capacity of 48,000 m3/day to the existing 84,000 m3/day plant in operation since 2009.

SIDEM is awarded a major contract on Kuwait's first IWPP Project

08/01/2014 - Az-Zour, Kuwait

With a capacity of 486,400 m3/day (107 MIGD) the Az-Zour North 1 plant accounts for around 20% of the total desalination capacity of the State of Kuwait

Sidem is awarded a large seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant for Sadara Petrochemical Complex, Jubail, Saudi Arabia

02/07/2013 - Jubail, Saudi Arabia

The 178,000 m3/day project includes distilled air flotation, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis

Completion of the Az-Zour South SWRO Plant (136,500 m3/day)


SIDEM has completed the EPC project of the Az-Zour South SWRO Plant (capacity: 136,500 m3/day).

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