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M&C Filter installed at Sur SWRO Extension plant

01/01/2017 -

Our M&C Filter, combining Dual Media Pressurised Filtration and Cartridge Filter into a compact single structure is in operation since Sept 2016 at Sur Extension SWRO plant in Oman.

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Completion of the Sadara 178,800 m3/day SWRO Plant in KSA

15/12/2016 -

The 178,800 m3/day SWRO Plant of the Sadara petrochemical complex in Jubail, KSA is in commercial operation since December 2016.

Completion of the Az-Zour North Phase 1 Thermal Desalination plants

20/11/2016 -

On November 2016 SIDEM has completed successfully the 107 MIGD Thermal desalination plant of the AE-Zour North phase 1 IWPP in Kuwait.

Completion of the Sur Extension 48,000 m3/day SWRO project

15/09/2016 -

SIDEM has completed the extension of the Sur SWRO Plant in Oman. This extension add a capacity of 48,000 m3/day to the existing 84,000 m3/day plant in operation since 2009.

Sidem is awarded the EPC contract of the Basrah SWRO Plant (199,000 m3/day)

01/11/2014 -

SIDEM has been awarded the EPC Contract of the first reverse osmosis plant in Basrah, Iraq. 

Sidem is awarded the EPC of the Oman Sur SWRO Extension (48,000 m3/day)

01/07/2014 -

This extension will add a capacity of 48,000 m3/day to the existing 84,000 m3/day plant in operation since 2009.

SIDEM is awarded a major contract on Kuwait's first IWPP Project

08/01/2014 -

With a capacity of 486,400 m3/day (107 MIGD) the Az-Zour North 1 plant accounts for around 20% of the total desalination capacity of the State of Kuwait

Sidem is awarded a large seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant for Sadara Petrochemical Complex, Jubail, Saudi Arabia

02/07/2013 - Jubail, Saudi Arabia

The 178,000 m3/day project includes distilled air flotation, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis

Completion of the Az-Zour South SWRO Plant (136,500 m3/day)

01/06/2013 -

SIDEM has completed the EPC project of the Az-Zour South SWRO Plant (capacity: 136,500 m3/day).

The contract for the supply of two multiple-effect distillation units to MAEK Kazatomprom enters into force.

31/12/2010 - Aktau, Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan

The project includes 2 desalination units of 12,000 m3/day each.

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