Veolia's patented DAF system Spidflow®

Spidflow® are rapid and compact clarifier units that deliver dissolved air floatation (DAF) where surface water containing low-density particles, algae and floating matter (greases, oils) needs to be treated to create drinking or process water. Regardless of the kind of water resources to be treated, Spidflow® effectively removes colour, organic matter and algae, even when present in high concentrations. 

Spidflow® is ideal for use in drinking water treatment, sea water treatment (upstream to reverse osmosis treatment systems) and process water production (power plants). 

The Process of Dissolved Air Floatation

Flocculation phase:

This first step increases the collision probability between particles. This results in an increase of the flocs size.

The Turbomix technology can be used to reduce the footprint of the flocculation tank.

Dissolved Air Floatation

Flocs are carried to the surface by very fine and calibrated air bubbles, resulting from extensive R&D work. Flocs are then removed by skimming. 

By combining these features, Spidflow®

  • deals successfully with raw seawater quality upsets (turbidity peaks, algal blooms or hydrocarbon contamination)
  • guarantees consistent seawater quality to feed the subsequent filtration step
  • minimizes pre-treatment water losses & lowers disposal volume with highly concentrated sludge production