Additional advantages of combined RO and thermal desalination plant...

... or how both desal technologies can take advantage of each other

Reduced product water temperature

In the Gulf countries the distillate comes out of thermal plants at a temperature close to 40°C and will need a further cooling process. The water produced from the reverse osmosis plant will rather be at 35°C or less. By blending the two water productions, the product water temperature will be reduced and there will be no need to install a specific distillate cooler downstream of the thermal desalination plant.

Boron removal

Boron removal is often an issue for reverse osmosis plants. It normally requires a second pass to be installed to reduce the boron content of permeate. In an hybrid plant distillate water which has no boron content can be directly blended with first pass permeate resulting in a product water per spec as regards the boron content.