AL DUR 2 - Bahrain - 50MIGD

Al Dur 2 Reverse Osmosis plant in Bahrain, designed and built by SIDEM, consists of two independent production streams of 25 Million Imperial Gallons of drinking water a Day. 

There is a common seawater intake pumping station that screens and distributes the flow into 2 separate streams. Each stream of the plant is composed of the following main stages: 

  • Pre-treatment,
  • Reverse Osmosis membrane filtration,
  • Post- treatment,
  • Exportation
  • and Utility.

SIDEM has brought its expertise in design optimisation and smart technologies to build in record time a reliable RO desalination plant in AL DUR 2.

Both production lines will be identical and will benefit from a technical innovation from SIDEM, a Dual Media Pressure Filter (DMPF) combined with cartridge filters allowing for a smaller footprint.

This plant is designed to have 2 independent water streams, which deliver 50 Million Imperial Gallons of drinking Water a Day to the people of Bahrain.

Pre-treatment solution - Combined Media and Cartridge Filtration