M&C Filter

M&C Filter

A compact pre-treatment solution for SWRO plants

M&C Filter consists of an innovative combination of dual media pressure filter (DMPF) and cartridge filters (CF). This feature reduces the footprint of the pre-treatment.

This unique two-in-one pre-treatment solution allows to remove high turbidity and suspended solid particles from the feedwater. RO membranes are therefore protected and the risk of biofouling is highly reduced. 

The combination of these two processes means benefiting from the best features of each, thereby offering:

Robustness & High Efficiency

  • Robustness to deal with any water quality and low sensitivity to variations in parameters;
  • High removal efficiency of suspended solids, turbidity and SDI15;
  • Combination of the best filtration barriers to dissolved organic with biomass developing on the media bed, making it an excellent protection system by reducing risk of membrane biofouling;

Lower Footprint

  • Cartridge Filters are installed directly in the DMPF vessel for treatment plants of medium sizes

Lower Capital & Operational Costs

  • A CAPEX saving for medium SWRO plant by reducing piping between filters/CF, pipe rack for CF support isolation valve numbers, civil and installation costs;
  • Low OPEX: high water recovery with media filtration with minimum water losses, low chemical requirements, low CF replacement rate and an overall low energy consumption;

And more ...

  • Full planning control: concerted design and procurement on metallic manufacturing based on SIDEM’s strong expertise;
  • Easy access for maintenance & replacement of cartridge filters, direct access by the top platform to unscrew the CF top plate and allow guidance of CF basket inside the vessel