Az Zour North Phase 1 IWPP - Koweït

107MIGD MED Plant


As Az-Zour North’s Phase 1 project water plant supplier, SIDEM is proud to have been involved in several firsts.

First IWPP in Kuwait: In cooperation with HHI, SIDEM has built the Az Zour North Phase 1 Independent Water and Power Plant (IWPP) in Kuwait for the benefit of Shamal Az-Zour Al-Oula, the Project Company primarily owned and managed by Engie and Sumitomo Corporation. SIDEM is recognized as the best EPC contractor for large size IWPP, after delivering successful projects such as Ras Laffan C, Marafiq Jubail, Fujairah 2 and Al Hidd.

First MED-TVC Technology Based Desalination Plant Units in Kuwait: Kuwait was previously relying on old MSF technology for its desalination plants but decision makers made an historical yet logical move given that MED-TVC is currently the most reliable, efficient and economical technology available.

First MED Units in the World with Capacity Exceeding 10 MIGD: With an individual design capacity of 10.84 Million Imperial Gallon per Day (MIGD) and a successful test capacity of 11.5 MIGD, the Az Zour North Phase 1 MED units are now recognized as being the largest capacity units in operation worldwide. This achievement sets a new industry benchmark and demonstrates SIDEM’s unrivalled position as global leader in MED technology.


Benefiting from Sidem’s experience in the design and supply of MED units for over 40 years, the latest Az-Zour North MED plant features the world’s largest and most efficient MED-TVC units.

The MED system currently under commercial operation provides a very high efficiency with a design GOR of 11.2 and an actual performance tested GOR of 12.1. Similarly, the system was performance test at an actual daily production of approximately 11.5 MIGD, compared to the design daily production of 10.84 MIGD. Remarkably, this performance was achieved using a very low pressure steam of 2.7 bar(a) and the MED operation is guaranteed within a wide seawater temperature range (10 to 38°C).



Many innovative technical solutions were implemented for Az-Zour North Phase 1 project to minimize investment and operating costs and to increase ease of operation.

  • A compact plant arrangement was engineered to minimize plant foot print, resulting in an area of less than 80 000 sqm in total.
  • High thermal efficiency MED units were provided based upon SIDEM’s in-house knowhow and world best TVC technology.
  • An optimized remineralization plant design was engineered and provided, including high efficiency degassifiers installed downstream of limestone filters to significantly reduce caustic soda consumption.
  • Special care was taken for integration of the CO2 plant in the remineralization process.
  • A limestone filter automatic filling system using hydro carriage was engineered to improve operational conditions.
  • The limestone filter wash water recovery system results in a daily savings of approximately 5000 m3 of potable water.


Innovation and “firsts” are not possible if not supported by extremely efficient project management that ultimately allows smooth project execution and on time delivery of a performing plant. SIDEM’s lean organization at every stage from engineering to procurement, logistics, construction and commissioning was was the key to Sidem’s successful involvement in this project. Notable achievements include the early delivery to site of 10 fully assembled and tested MED-TVC giant evaporators (2600 tons each and 54 m long, 33 m wide, 14 m high) and the fast track commissioning with 10 units started-up in less than 5 months.

SIDEM was also able to complete the reliability test flawlessly at the first attempt. 

Key data :

  • 107 MIGD Water Plant output, equivalent to 20% of Kuwait fresh water production
  • 10 MED units with individual 10.84 MIGD capacity
  • Project executed on time in 35.5 months
  • EPC Project value worth 1.5 Billion USD
  • 30 000 km or 6 times the distance Paris-Kuwait City is the total length of MED units heat exchanger tubes.