Smart Desalination


Smart Desalination 


SIDEM is the most experienced desalination company in the world that provides innovation, effective execution and return on investment to their clients. The secret of its longevity rests in its agility and capacity to innovate. SIDEM has always looked at the desalination market with an innovative mindset. 


We believe that performance, life-time and operating costs of a desalination plant can benefit from digital solutions. By providing our technologies with sensors, and by connecting these sensors to databases expert systems and artificial intelligence, we offer our customers a unique opportunity to travel to the heart of their plant. 


The next generation of desalination plants needs to take an innovative step to deliver an economically viable, sustainable source of drinking water to millions of people. We believe that by being permanently connected to the best knowledge and expertise will do just that!

SIDEM is the most experienced desalination company in the world. We are experts and leaders on our market.