SIDEM scores 4 million Safe man hours in Al Dur

Congratulations to the Al Dur 2 team located in Bahrain on achieving three million safe manhours without lost-time injuries.

Our team has achieved three million safe manhours without lost-time injuries (LTI). This means that not one person has missed work due to an incident — a true sign of our “Always safe” work culture in play.

SIDEM, part of Veolia Water Technologies, won the Al Dur 2 project (IWPP) jointly with ACWA in early 2019. The team is now in the process of building a 50 MIGD (227 000 m3/day) reverse osmosis plant.

SIDEM is in charge of the design, construction and commissioning of the desalination plant and even with the risks associated with large construction sites (handling of heavy equipment and manual activities), the team’s health and safety LTI record unmarked.

To recognize their three million safe manhours milestone, the team celebrates with a collective “thumbs up.”