SIDEM scores 86 for the Gender Equality Index

We are proud to promote equality of opportunities to all our employees.

Gender Equality Index at work, is calculated by all French companies above 50 employees. It aims to evaluate how male and female coworkers are paid and promoted in the company over one year.

Five performance indicators are taken into account : 

  1/ The difference in salaries between men and women for coworkers occupying similar positions in the company and in the same range of age. 

 2/ The breakdown of pay increases between men and women.

 3/ The breakdown of career promotions between men and women. 

 4/ The pay increases following a maternity leave

 5/ The number of women among the 10 higher salaries of the company.

SIDEM improves it scores from last year and scores 86/100 for 2021.

In 2022, we will focus on proposing a rewarding and loyalty-enhancing HR policy.